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With services such as hearing evaluations, hearing aid selection, counseling and fitting, the audiology team at HearMD—working with Advanced ENT & Allergy—is ready to take care of you, step-by-step. You’ll experience our high-quality care that so many patients have come to know and love.

We’re ready to listen to your concerns and work closely as we guide you through the best hearing loss solutions available for you and your loved ones. Our specialists believe in compassionate, professional and progressive service that helps our patients live the best life that they can after treatment.

Call us at (856) 602-4200 to schedule an appointment to speak with a member of our audiology team.

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How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

Setup an Appointment

We can help you schedule an appointment with the right specialist for your needs. Hearing loss is common, and an in-person visit with a hearing specialist and ENT physician is the first step towards treatment. Family members or friends are always welcome.

See an Audiologist for a Hearing Evaluation

Our audiology team will test your hearing to determine the cause and severity of your hearing loss. We work closely with our ENT physicians to answer all of your questions and find the right treatment solution for your needs.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting

If you are a hearing aid candidate, a Communication Needs Assessment will be scheduled to discuss your goals, hearing aid styles, technology levels and treatment plans. We’ll guide you through the hearing aid fitting process, and will provide ongoing support every step of the way.

Follow-Up Appointments

A follow-up visit is typically scheduled 1-2 weeks after your initial hearing aid fitting for fine-tuning and adjustments. Our audiology team will provide ongoing service and routine maintenance for the length of your service plan and hearing aid warranty.

If you suspect you have hearing loss, you aren’t alone. Now really is the best time for treatment. Our audiology team is ready to help you on your new journey, so call us today to learn more and take the first step towards better hearing.

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