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Find Relief from Your Allergies

Our ENT physicians and allergists are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of allergies and asthma for both kids (3 months and older) and adults. We offer allergy testing and proven treatment plans to ease your seasonal or year-round suffering.

See an Allergist if:

  • Over-the-counter medications and antihistamines aren’t effectively managing your symptoms.
  • Allergies make it difficult to breathe, cause congestion or sinus infection.
  • You experience seasonal allergy or hay fever symptoms.
  • Allergies or asthma interfere with your quality of life or daily activities.
  • Your asthma is not well controlled

Contact us to schedule an appointment with an allergy specialist. Our front office staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit our location page for direct contact information.

Cornerstone Allergy & Asthma Associates is now a care center for Advanced ENT & Allergy’s Medford-area patients. To schedule an appointment, please call (609) 953-7500.

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Allergy Treatment Steps

Setup an Appointment

The result of your immune system’s exaggerated response to a harmless substance, allergies can affect people of all ages, races and lifestyles. Making an appointment with an allergy specialist is your first step toward finally finding relief.

Undergo Allergy Tests

The only way to treat your allergy symptoms is to determine their exact cause; this is accomplished through a series of allergy tests:

  • Skin prick test.
  • Intradermal test.
  • Blood test.

Create a Treatment Plan

Allergies can be treated through prevention, medication or immunotherapy.

  • Prevention involves avoiding contact with the allergen that triggers your symptoms.
  • Medications include antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, eye drops and corticosteroids.
  • Immunotherapy involves building up a tolerance to an allergen by introducing it to the body in small doses over a period of time through shots, drops or tablets.

Allergies aren’t always as obvious as they might appear, and OTC treatments may not be the best option. We can determine the true cause of your allergies and help you choose a targeted allergy treatment that works for you. Breathe easy. Schedule today.

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